From people in subway

Will the reason why they look down be their punishment? But because it is hesitated to draw it if turned to the front, I am glad of the present state.

more pictures by children

早速エレベーターで7回へGO! …遅いぞこのエレベーター。

I writes a entry about pictures of children more successively.
I went to "the Daimaru Fujii Central" at Chuuo-ku, Sapporo-shi today. "the children’s pictures exhibition" is held here until Sunday, March 4.
I stepped on an elevator at once and was going to go to the seventh floor.  …However, speed of this elevator is very slow.
Somehow, if you enter a this place, you may watch pictures more than 100. And you should notice that all of pictures are splendid. You will be surprised by those colors and composition.
Children in the world drew these pictures. Therefore, as for the picture, each on the conditions of a country emerges. It is one of what I was interested in. And, I noticed that there are common denominators with pictures of girls around 7 years old. Size of a face and eyes of a woman in a picture, a color of a flower.
I bought one piece of picture postcard.
This exhibition is until Sunday, March 4. Let’s go to look by all means.

Pictures in subway by children




FIS Nordic world ski championships is held now in Sapporo-city. With it, a painting of the children who made it a theme on some vehicles of a subway is given glory to. I took it for the first time yesterday.

The advertising space was occupied with many pictures of primary schoolchildren entirely. It was very fresh for me, and I opened a mouth unintentionally, because I have watched only advertisement with calculated design.
I can classify them in 3types. 1free drawing, 2picture with putting paper,3drawing for coloring.
When it took a drawing for coloring for an example, there was personality in power addition and subtraction or how to paint with a crayon, and it was the thing which was happy just to compare them.

I want to already get once by all means, but will be blessed with the good luck?


From people in subway

My wife said "very beautiful lotus flower may bloom soon". Then it passed for one week. 妻が「もうすぐすごいきれいな蓮が咲くよ」と言ってすでに1週間。